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Our Services:

FAULT BOUNDED TRAPS & EXPLORATION RISK. We can provide the best estimates of hydrocarbon column heights using juxtaposition analysis, SGR (shale gouge ratio), and geomechanical assessment of fault reactivation and breach. We've just had a paper published in the Geological Society of London special volume. You can download the latest copy from Research Gate: Download PDF.

FAULTS, FRACTURES, AND GROUNDWATER. Faults, fault damage zones, and fractures can influence permeability and flow behaviour. We can apply modern geostatistical techniques to help characterize the faults and fractures, and thus provide key inputs for EIS, water resources planning, and risk assessments.

GEOMECHANICS. With extensive experience in geomechanical analysis and data collection, we can provide advice on issues surrounding insitu stress and pore pressure estimation, wellbore stability, fracture permeability, and hydraulic fracturing.

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